Friday, 9 January 2015


When I first heard NY trio Public Access TV, which NME dubbed 'New York's Hottest Band',  I thought immediately of one of my favourite - and what in my basic knowledge, is the most underrated modern day guitar band ever - The Virgins. That upbeat, Manhattan type rock that sounds like a bunch of 20 something's completely drenched in coolness and apathy - something close to The Strokes on a sugar rush. I'm now sure, thanks to bands like The Orwells, Skaters and Drowners that this American-skateboarding-hot guy- sound (clearly I DON'T KNOW music terminology) is my preference when it comes to guitar bands. So yeah I was reading Wonderland's piece on the band, and the guitarist, Xan Aird is the same guy from The Virgins. HOW BLOODY EXCITING!!!!!!!!! After missing out on seeing The Virgins a year ago when they cancelled their random show at Camden's Dingwalls, hope has now been restored in my heart! Unfortunately, with a minimal social media presence and limited number of tracks on Youtube, we have no choice but to wait impatiently for an album or a London gig!

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